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In the manufacturing of top quality goods and components in many industries, stainless steel is not only the obvious choice for its superior visual merits. It is a prerequisite for its durability.

This holds true especially in the realm of radiators, which are subject to sustained usage over a long-term period.

accuro - korle prides itself on the distinctive designs of its radiators but, just as importantly, no compromise is made in terms of quality which is accorded the highest priority. accuro - korle radiators are manufactured solely in stainless steel because…,

Fact: It is well-known (even to the layman) that the corrosive characteristics of water wreak havoc with metals such as iron, copper and steel. This creates a build-up of rust, which severely debilitates the functionality of a radiator.

Fact: Corrosion causes leakages in radiators of iron, copper and steel, especially where pipes are welded.

Fact: Welding points in iron, copper and steel have inherent weaknesses.

Fact: Due to the calcium content of water, plated and painted radiator surfaces have a tendency to bubble up and peel off, as they disintegrate under the effects of heat and leakages.

accuro-korle radiators
Inspirational Brushed Stainless Steel Radiators Hand-Crafted to a Superior Standard of Excellence

Benefits of Stainless Steel?

  • Non corrosive - stainless steel does not rust
  • Efficiency - Stainless steel radiators emit approximately 15% extra heat output than chrome plated steel radiators of the same size.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Easy to recycle
Benefit of Aluminium?
  • Fast response - Aluminium’s high conductivity allows it to respond instantly to changes in water temperature, which is, in turn, controlled by the thermostatic radiator valve responding to room temperature.
  • Efficient - With the fast response times, the central heating can be timed on a “just-in-time” basis, never heating an empty house either prior to arrival or after departure.
  • Energy saving - Low water content contributes to a substantial saving in energy
  • Environmentally Friendly - Easy to recycle
  • Non corrosive - Aluminium radiators do not rust.
25year Guarantee on Steel Radiators and 5yr Guarantees on Aluminium Radiators

25yr Guarantee on all stainless steel radiators and 5yrs on aluminium radiators.