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What should you consider when choosing your perfect radiator?

Oct 24, 2017

Top Tips to find your perfect radiator!

We’re now in the new world of radiator design, with so many inventive designer radiators with unique style, colour, material, shape and sizes. The perfect designer radiator will create a huge impact on the design of your room and bring a touch of style. We offer a large range of beautiful styles and designs to choose from, which can make it difficult deciding which radiator to choose as there’s so much choice!

While the appearance of radiators has changed, their purpose remains the same; to heat your home. Therefore, you must take into consideration a few other factors before choosing the perfect radiator for your home.


Things to consider:

The heat output – It is vital to make sure you calculate the heat output required for each room before choosing the radiator. You will need to calculate how high the heat output needs to be to make sure the radiator is going to heat the room sufficiently. This is dependent on the size and volume of your room. You can work this out by simply using this online BTU Calculator. Please use this as a guideline before consulting with a plumber or heating engineer, as they would be the best person to decide this for you.


The location – Deciding on the location of a radiator was once an easy decision, it would usually be placed in the coldest part of the room which was generally on an external wall under a window. However nowadays, homes are usually very well insulated and have double glazed windows, meaning that this cold spot no longer exists. With all the different size and heat output options contemporary designer radiators give you, you now have many locations that you could consider. We even have space saving options to fit into those small spaces you would never usually consider putting a radiator in, such as the 300mm Excel and the 300mm Champagne.

 Space saving Excel 300mm

The design – Radiators can play a very important role in the overall look and feel of a room, therefore deciding on which radiator is going to match the design of your room the best is a factor that should be considered. Here at Accuro Korle we have a complete range of stunning designer radiators that’d be perfect for any room in your home. For the bathroom and kitchen our vertical towel warmers are very popular, for those that want to go for a more unique style we have our Accuro Korle Paeonia Luxury Stainless Steel Designer Towel Warmer. For rooms with limited wall space we have various radiators including the Accuro Korle Vertical Cadence Radiator.

If you have a room that needs heating, but you need some help deciding what will be best for you, give us a call today so that we can give you some inspiration!

25year Guarantee on Steel Radiators and 5yr Guarantees on Aluminium Radiators

25yr Guarantee on all stainless steel radiators and 5yrs on aluminium radiators.