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If you don't have a designer radiator in your living room you’re missing out!

Nov 08, 2017

When redecorating or renovating you might not consider changing your radiators to something more stylish and modern. But with the various contemporary styles and features today’s designer radiators bring, you no longer need to put up with the stereotypical white horizontal ones hidden away from plain sight! Your radiators can become a real statement in your home.

Having a sleek and stylish designer radiator will offer more to your living room than just a source of heat. It’ll become a focal point and change the whole feel of the room, adding a real touch of style.

The hardest choice will be to choose which radiator you’d like, there’s so many stunning ones to choose from. To make this easier for you, we’ve put together a list of our most popular designer radiators for living rooms to help you decide.

Add a touch of style to your living room with this vertical aluminium radiator. Available in two colours; brushed aluminium and anthracite. Aluminium radiators heating to operating temperature is 3 to 4 times faster than stainless steel, making them an extremely energy efficient option.



The millennium is a free-standing radiator that has been designed with style and functionality in mind. It would create the perfect focal point to any spacious living room. It has added surface area to provide heat that will fill even the biggest of spaces, to keep you nice and warm all year round.



Do you have limited wall space in your living room? Then this vertical stainless steel radiator is perfect for you! It’s only 140mm wide, meaning it will fit comfortably in even the smallest of rooms, as well as having a very high heat output to give you sufficient heat.



Our Accuro Korle Mariner Designer Radiator represents a designer step forward from standard panel radiators, the perfect radiator upgrade! With an ultra-stylish finish in wall mounted brushed stainless steel, it would make a stunning addition to any living room.


Once you have selected the perfect radiator for your living room, make sure you also select the location for your radiator carefully – to find out which is the most efficient spot to place your radiator, read our last blog – “What should you consider when choosing your perfect radiator?”.


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25year Guarantee on Steel Radiators and 5yr Guarantees on Aluminium Radiators

25yr Guarantee on all stainless steel radiators and 5yrs on aluminium radiators.